Work with your trusted Gaa advisor

We want your genetics to be a profitable investment that transforms into the best assets for your future. When you work with your GAA rep you get an integrated solution for maximum return on investement.

  • Set your customized genetic plan

  • Customize and implement reproductive programs

  • On farm training

  • Analyzing data and providing progressive solutions

Position your herd and track your progress

Comparing your operation against the performance of your peers and yourself over time can identify ways to create dairy farm business efficiencies and increase profitability.

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter


Reproductive programs

Regardless of the approach, a focused effort on reproductive management will increase pregnancy rates, translating to greater reproductive efficiency on the dairy. Here’s a few examples of a combination of traditional and timed A.I. programs.


Double Ovsynch\Resynch 35

Double Ovsynch\Resynch 42

Pre- Ovsynch\ Resynch 35