Convenient and Accurate Blood Pregnancy Detection

bioPRYN is a useful technology for the reproductive management of Dairy cattle. In addition to being accurate and easy to use, bioPRYN is supported by industry experts educated in integrating the test to improve reproduction efficiencies. The bioPRYN test measures the presence of Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB) in the blood circulation of the animal, a protein only produced by the placenta of the growing fetus. Heifers and cows can be tested for pregnancy at 28 days or later, after breeding, and cows must be at least 90 days post-calving. bioTracking’s bioPRYN affiliate lab network makes this technology more readily accessible to producers and veterinarians - getting them what they need, fast



BioPRYN® is the trusted blood-based pregnancy test of choice. Available through a network of affiliate laboratories around the globe, confidence in the bioPRYN test is supported by:

Proven Technology:

The technology has been validated in peer-reviewed
scientific and veterinary-based publications since 1985.
BioPRYN has been successfully applied to pregnancy
detection of millions of cows and heifers.

Local Expertise:

The BioPRYN Affiliate Lab Network consists of certified laboratories located throughout the world, providing
producers and veterinarians convenient and local access to trained testing professionals.



Producers and veterinarians can choose who will pull the blood and when to collect the samples. Access to the BioPRYN Affiliate Lab Network allows submission of samples to convenient testing locations. This flexibility can be integrated into all management systems.


Convenient testing solutions and confidence based on accurate results helps support important management decisions to improve the bottom line.

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When applied at 25 days post breeding for virgin heifers and 28 days for adult cows, BioPRYN is greater than 99% accurate for animals identified as open.

Using BioPRYN assures accuracy and improves management insights.

  • bioPRYN is over 99% accurate when the test categorizes a cow as open
  • By identifying open animals with 99% assurance, producers and veterinarians can confidently re-breed or market open animals.
  • As a result, bioPRYN can be implemented early in the pregnancy (25 days post-breeding in virgin heifers, 28 days post-breeding, 73 days post-calving in adult cows)
  • to save money.