Fresh+ is fresh Holstein semen that is delivered 3 days a week to our customers in the Central Valley in California.

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We also overnight ship Fresh Plus in insulated packages to our US customers who are located outside our delivery range. Fresh Plus is specifically developed to increase your conception rates. The bull line-up focuses on quality genetics to fit the needs of high producing herds.


Global Ag Alliance proudly introduces the FreshPlus program for greater profitability and higher conception rates!

FreshPlus is fresh semen in ready-to-use straws delivered to your dairy daily. Semen is collected from healthy, high quality genomically tested Holstein bulls, processed using the same standards as frozen semen, consistently delivered to your herd in less than 24 hours. Specifically developed to improve conception and make you money!

FreshPlus Quality Control Is Constantly Monitored

From the moment semen leaves the processing center, it is protected in easy-access containers and kept consistently cool in medical grade refrigerators. As an added quality measure, temperature recorders accompany semen and confirm the temperature every 30 seconds to ensure that semen stays at optimal temperatures to maximize fertility.


Breeding with FreshPlus is Fast and Easy

Thawing is not required with fresh semen and the compact, battery back-up refrigerator fits on your breeding cart to get semen as close to cows as possible. You just load and go! Faster breeding means that cows aren’t in head locks as long.


You Determine Your FreshPlus OrdeR

You decide how many doses you need daily to breed cows 3 days a week. The minimum daily order is 5 units and can be adjusted daily to fit your timed AI program. The compact medical grade refrigerator on your dairy allows you to safely store semen for use even over the weekend. The advantage of daily delivery means no need to maintain the costs of a semen inventory in your tanks.


FreshPlus Bulls are Healthy

Bulls entering the FreshPlus program are healthy and free of infectious and contagious diseases. All bulls are tested and housed in accordance with Industry Standards. Bulls are tested prior to their arrival and at intervals while in residence for important diseases such as:

  • Tuberculosis

  • Bovine Brucellosis
  • Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
  • Bovine Leptospirosis
  • Bovine Venereal Trichomoniasis
  • Bovine Campylobacteriosis
  • Mycoplasma

In addition and as with frozen semen, antibiotics are added to provide effective microbiological control of Mycoplasmas, Ureaplasmas, Histophilus somni and Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis. FreshPlus bulls are healthy and will keep your cows healthy, too.

FreshPlus Semen Processing Goes Above and Beyond


In cooperation with our semen processor, Androgenics, we deliver more than you expect. With over 30 years experience, Androgenics has collected well over 10 million units of semen following strict protocols to ensure safety and fertility. Semen quality is assessed three times before breeding: at the time of collection, once it’s packaged and first thing the next morningto ensure viability. FreshPlus can be safely and confidently used in your herd.

Data from 15 dairy herds in the Central Valley of California compared field conception results using frozen or fresh semen during artificial insemination of lactating Holstein cows. Breedings were performed following estrus detected by tail-chalk or after synchronization programs (Ovsynch-like) that allow the use of timed AI (TAI). Breeding records were extracted from DC305 software. Variables initially considered in the statistical model were effect of farm, breeding week, days in milk at AI, AI technician within farm, lactation number of the cow, type of AI (Frozen or Fresh), AI code (Estrus vs TAI), and the effect of “cow” included as a random effect.

FreshPlus Delivers Service And Results

On herd check, you and your veterinarian will notice that you get More From Fresh. Data from Central Valley dairies shows consistently better results than conventional frozen semen – an average of 6.1% higher conception rate, with some herds as high as 10%. Data is collected, analyzed and shared with herd owners and their veterinarians to monitor reproductive performance. FreshPlus is supported by a team of Customer Service representatives and consulting veterinarians. FreshPlus has the quality, data and service to back it up.

FreshPlus offers premium genetics and premium quality, supported by data and service. A better way to improve conception and realize great profitability.

You Really Do Get More From Fresh!